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Lee Min-ho Accident

lee min ho

credits to my daily.
lee min ho with goo hye sun
I do not know the exactly date but maybe in june 2011 , hari tu pg korea tak terigt nak pg rumah yang dalam citer personal taste tu..tampak classic rumah tu..camana la leh lupa..aityak.asik terigt coffee prince jek..adehla.lenkali la pg korea lagi.insyaAllah.

Dipetik dari credits blog KDkoreandrama:-

Lee Min-ho Car Accident
, Actor famous South Korean, Lee Min-ho, yesterday afternoon in a car accident while filming drama series City Hunter which aired on KBS television. Cars that used the 24-year-old actor was crushed.

The management of the famous actor thanks to Boys Over Flowers (location jeju island ) drama provides an explanation. "Today, the 13th at around 3:30 pm, had an accident that caused damage in parts of the vehicle when the shooting near Lake City Hunter in Ilsan, Kyeonggi-do. Although the air bag explode hard because of the accident and the front of the car were severely damaged , Lee Min-ho fortunately not suffered a serious accident.
Lee Min-ho Car Accident Picture
Lee Min-ho survival was miraculous if the total damage to the car view which was released yesterday. But, one of the film crew who is also in the car when the accident are still receiving treatment in hospital for serious injuries.

After the accident, Lee Min-ho immediately rushed to the emergency department of a nearby hospital. "Lee Min-ho had come home to rest approximately at 06.00 pm after making sure the test results indicate Lee Min-ho no great hurt. Taking pictures of this drama is stopped and it goes directly depends on the situation," said the representatives of Lee Min-ho.

Producer drama City Hunter, Kim Young Seop, said, "Continuing the process of filming it depends on the condition of Lee Min-ho. The scene of a car chase lasted about seven to eight minutes. However, this incident will not change the air-time this week." This is because they still have some left over scenes that have not aired.

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