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Game hidden Object


Malam ni ciku just buat donut (belajar ngan jiran sebelah yang rajin bagi donut) dan beli mee rebus Presint 9 ,putrajaya ( 2 bungkus ).Settle sume keja rumah dan ajar anak anak belajar (kerja sekolah)..ciku start main game..haha.

Pelikkan dan sempatkan ibu 3 anak ni main game..hoho..masing masing ada minat sendiri begitulah dengan ciku..dulu suka main sahibba siap TL belikan scrabble saiz kecik tapi takde geng nak main dan ciku suka main sahibba bukan scrabble..hoho.

Dari dulu sampai kini , ciku suka sangat main game hidden object dan sekarang ciku tengah main game escape Rosecliff island..level 22 dah. Lagi 3 level abis..hihi..selain word search games. Ciku siap beli buku tu..haha. 

Orite ayat bawah dipetik dari review di google pasal game ni

If you want to reveal the Mystery Bonus game, you should find 25 locks. If you find 50 locks, you will get an access to the unlimited version. But some may find playing the limited version even better then unlimited. As it encourages the players to react and achieve the results even faster. Finding an item gives you additional scores. But don't click too many times without finding an item. As it results in a score penalty.

After having found all the items from several locations, you will be given a puzzle to solve, such as: matching the same tiles, completing the pictures by rotating its different parts or finding the particular words hidden among the mix of letters.. After passing a level, you will get special clues, which will help you to escape the island.

Ciku main ngan anak anak game hidden object "3-days-zoo-mystery" .Ni sinopsis copy paste dari Review by: Claire J Rottenberg

"3 Days Zoo Mystery" is a game with bright, clear, colorful graphics. Some scenes do have some slight graininess but it does not interfere with game play. Although it can be an enjoyable game, playing it for too long at one time can become monotonous. 

This game is good for children, beginners of hidden object games and more advanced users who just want a relaxing, easy interactive hidden object game.

Orite itu aje..anda pasti ada minat sendiri selain travel dan masak dan makan kan kan.


Time Traveller said...

oh hoo... bagus game ni.. mengasah minda kata nyer :D

Jari Manis said...

Jm layan candy crush skrg sampai level 245 dh bosan so leh try game ni plak