Attraction jeju-Trick art museum

Salam..sambung ye attraction jeju ke -3

Macam biasa kami banyak studi kat website ni 

Trick art museum jeju do

Baca sikit kat bawah ni dari website korea tourism

The Trick Art Museum is the first museum in Korea to show optical illusion art, and is located in Seogwipo City nearby the Seongeup Folk Village. Exhibitions on walls and floors are rendered in three dimensions. Exhibitions consist of seven themed sections: Parody Zone (showing famous paintings and sculptures), Animal Zone, Jurassic Zone, Aquarium Zone, Egypt Zone, Magic Zone, and Illusion Zone.

Trick art renders two dimensional paintings in three dimensions by creating illusion. Each work looks differently when seen from different angles or spots. Its magic magnifies when seen from camera lenses. Visitors can take pictures with various fun poses blending nicely with exhibitions. Cameras as well as video equipment are permitted in the museum.
Terus je ye..sakan bergambo almaklum takde sape kenal kat sana..takde le malu sgt..hihi.
Rasanya kat malaysia dah ada..kat i-city trick art picture ni..ontahla.

aduss..banyak lagi ni..
kalau takde apa hal continue to attraction 4 - pacific land(boleh main ngan dolphin)..hiks

ni url ittenary ciku di seoul ,backpack di busan dan jeju

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jarimanis said...

Waduh pic nyer senget, senget udah kepala eden hihi

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